About Life After Cancer Network

Life After Cancer Network is dedicated to the non-surgical, non-pharmacological restoration and renewal of health to people who have had cancer. Life After Cancer Network is committed to identifying the health needs and concerns of not only cancer survivors but family members, friends and care givers as well. Life After Cancer Network ,it’s natural health care professionals, and their affiliates is dedicated to providing resources to support health and improve quality of life after conventional treatment has come to an end.

Life After Cancer Network has made significant progress in organizing a national effort based online and in local communities by forming a Natural Health Care Providers Network. The Network is comprised of community based holistic health care practitioners to contributing professional natural health care knowledge, information and education to cancer survivors. This group has identified and understands survivorship needs of cancer survivors, family members, friends and caregivers. These providers are devoted to your next phase of care, long term health and improving the quality of life.

Recognizing the growing number of cancer survivors Life After Cancer Network remains dedicated to providing a forum for sharing experiences as well as being a resource to ease the physical, spiritual, emotional hardships of living beyond cancer. Our efforts remain as resilient as ever and we will continue to work towards the completion of our mission.

Continuing activities include forum sharing, quarterly e-Newsletters , advocating for community based survivorship initiatives, and sustaining the dialogue among the members of the Natural Health Care Providers Network and other cancer organizations.

Meet Dr. Douglas R. Levine the Executive Director of Life After Cancer Network

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