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What is the Life After Cancer Network?

The Life After Cancer Network is a tax-exempt organization with an IRS section 501(c)(3) tax status. Through our Network we are dedicated to easing the physical, spiritual and emotional hardships of cancer survivors living after conventional treatment has come to an end. Besides providing practical cancer survivorship resources, we offer a unique natural health care provider assistance program to survivors. One of our many goals is to provide the tools so that survivors can get their lives back – and keep it that way. The Network is dedicated to paving a path to healthy survivorship nationally.

How is Life After Cancer Network different from other cancer organizations?

Life After Cancer Network is the only organization dedicated to renewing and restoring health in cancer survivors after their treatment has come to an end. We use a multi-faceted approach bringing natural health care providers together with cancer survivors, family members, caregivers and friends. The Network provides research, professional and public education, community outreach and other services---rather than just one modality of service. Many cancer organizations focus only on one type of cancer or different areas of cancer treatment. We are unique in that we are committed to survivorship needs only and address issues such as quality of life, well-being, prevention, promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing risk of recurrence.

Who are the Natural Health Care Providers?

These providers are located in communities throughout the United States. They are dedicated natural healthcare providers specifically skilled in providing knowledge and education pertaining to survivor care. These acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and nutritionists, to name a few, have demonstrated the commitment to provide state-of-the-art education to their community survivors. Their goal is healthy long term survivorship for all that have been affected by cancer.

Can I contact a natural health care provider directly?

Yes you can and you are encouraged to do so through our health care provider directory, it’s free.

What other programs and support does Life After Cancer Network provide?

Evidence based research and information is provided for you, the survivor, to find your “new normal”. The Network provides a lifestyle questionnaire to be a guideline for you to aid you in creating a valuable long term survivorship plan. Important resources are also provided cancer-related organizations such as the National Cancer Institute; the premiere government agency on the subject in the United States. As stated previous, the Life After Cancer Network offers survivorship “better living tools” through the rare and unmatched Natural Health Care Providers Network. Communication allows providers to explore the best ways to help survivors.

Is my donation to Life After Cancer Network tax deductible?

Yes, your donation is tax deductible. Life After Cancer Network will provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

What is The Life After Cancer Network Federal Tax ID number?

Federal Tax ID number is 46-2050594

How much of my donation to Life After Cancer Network goes to the cause?

A majority of the donations received goes directly to provide survivorship research, professional and public education and community outreach.

How will my donation to Life After Cancer Network appear on my credit card statement?

When you make donation by credit card, a charge to “Life After Cancer Network” will appear on your credit card billing statement.

Can I donate to Life After Cancer Network by check or money order?

Yes, we accept checks and money orders.

Life After Cancer Network

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Bergenfield, NJ 07621

How can I get a refund on a donation to Life After Cancer Network?

All donations are non-refundable.

How do I change the email address that is on file with Life After Cancer Network?

This can be edited in your profile.

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