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Life After Cancer Network was created for cancer survivors to make knowledgeable and well informed decisions on the best natural ways to improve their health by using safe, effective, evidenced based natural therapies. It is in our belief that everyone has the innate ability to heal, be well and stay well through their lifetime in safe and complimentary ways.

Our natural health care providers are your source for natural, safe, proven, health and wellness information, bringing non-toxic, non-invasive and drugless healing ideas to you, the cancer survivor. Each one of our natural health care providers is here to offer their expertise in areas where you may need support to heal and reduce your risk of recurrence.

It is our main goal to help by educating survivors, family members, friends and caregivers to reach and maintain the best state of health, through equilibrium of mind, body and soul.

Working towards achieving a state of optimal wellness will enable you to live a life that provides wholeness by incorporating strategies of having a healthy diet, getting the right amount of physical exercise, maintain the right body weight, reduce stress, getting the right amount of rest and connecting with your spiritual self to achieve long term well-being. Our professional team of natural health providers is here to support the common desire to live longer, healthier lives. Our professional natural health care providers are here to direct you in areas of improving your health status, staying healthy and reducing risk of recurrence in a ‘holistic’ way. As specialists in holistic medicine, our providers can be contacted to provide their services or design specific healing plans/programs unique to each individual need and ailment you may have. Since our natural health care providers are independent practitioners, you would have to discuss fees for these services directly with the provider. Life After Cancer Network merely bridges the gap between survivor and natural health care provider supporting your goal towards long term health. We are the only organization in the country that brings health experts directly to you to support you in the next phase of care, your long term survivorship plan.

As advocates of natural health care after cancer treatment has ended, the services provide control and restoration of health by using nutrition, dietary supplements, herbs, botanicals, behavior modification techniques, lifestyle changes, spinal care, muscle work, detoxification, energy balance and other body/mind techniques. At Life After Cancer Network it is our mission to educate every cancer survivor on how to recover quicker and to return to their activities sooner, to heal more completely, and to decrease their chances of being ill in the future. The best way to protect your health, attract longevity and have an ever improving quality of life is by educating yourself.

Our Contact A Natural Health Care Provider was created with one main mission- to educate you- our member - the importance of natural health care, in your survivorship phase of life. Any answers to your questions by our natural health care providers will be explained to you in easy to understand language. You will not need a medical degree to understand what you may need and why you may need to do it. Health information can be very confusing at times. You read one thing in a health magazine only to be contradicted by something read online. It’s no wonder we end up doing nothing because we just aren’t sure what to do! Our Natural Health Care Provider Network takes all the confusion out of healing naturally. The Network allows you direct contact to experts in their field to support whatever survivorship needs you may have. They are well equipped to be your consultant in your journey back to health.

The restoration and preservation of health after your treatment has ended must be your first priority, and this generally cannot be accomplished all by yourself. A "drug-free" approach to achieving these goals is an absolute prerequisite in the pursuit of finding your “new normal”. Do not forget that each person is unique so what may work for one person may not work for someone else. So be patient!

Building good long lasting health with acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, reiki, balanced nutrition, invigorating exercise, drinking enough pure water, getting a good night’s rest, meditation, herbs, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals or botanicals and so much more is the common sense road to wholeness. Our Natural Health Care Providers teach strategies and use natural therapies to help resolve lingering effects from treatment or specific health problems that you have. Learn the latest proven breakthroughs, newest healing methods, and receive hard-to-find and little-known health information on products, methods, tests and services directly from these experts. We subscribe to the rational integration of all holistic (natural) approaches to health care and the one who works best for you. Health is never just one single approach. By selecting a holistic-wellness approach, you are complimenting and strengthening your body and as a result, eliminating many sources of potential harm, while better preparing your body to life’s challenges. Our goal is to empower survivors to incorporate a healthy lifestyle that supports the demands of their dynamic stressful lifestyle by creating a state of optimum balance within their body. As a Life After Cancer Network member you can learn and broaden your previous background by participating in exceptional and active dialogue with our natural health specialists.

The Natural Health Care Providers use the power of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to restore your health with the main goal to enrich your quality of life, by reducing and eliminating your treatment related symptoms, reducing your risk of recurrence, enhancing your health and being the foundation for longevity. These CAM providers envision restoring health through education and motivation of cancer survivors to take control of their own health by rebuilding and maintaining positive lifestyle habits is the sure road to a healthy long life.

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